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Aussie girls invented A-Beauty

Now let them reinvent your skin.

A Beauty Intro A Beauty Intro

Potent Aussie Botanicals

From the bush to your bathroom, it’s our uniquely Aussie approach to skincare. Our products are packed with Aussie botanicals that have been used for thousands of years to treat, heal, and highlight our natural beauty. No nasties, no worries.

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A Beauty Intro A Beauty Intro

No worries skincare

Based on clean and effective formulas, we skip the 10-step routines and crazy claims. Instead, we make easy-to-use skincare that really works. ‘Cause Aussie girls would rather be at the beach than in the bathroom. Wouldn’t you?


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Our commitment

We won’t trash the planet to save your skin.

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Our A-Beauty story

Sharing the Aussie goodness to the world.

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The Founders


“After living overseas for years, we had a simple goal – to share that Aussie magic with the world! Sand & Sky avoids crazy claims and indecipherable ingredients lists. Instead, we keep things simple with effective, clean and lovely-to-use Australian botanical products.”

Emily Sarah
The Founder

Made with A-grade hero ingredients

Pink Clay

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Sourced from pristine parts of the country, Australian Pink Clay is the ultimate detoxifier – absorbing impurities and combating pollution like a boss. Combined with powerful botanicals, it deep-cleanses the skin and refines pores. No dryness, zero irritation.

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Emu Apple

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Found deep in the outback, Australian Emu Apple pack a stronger antioxidant punch than most superfoods. Protecting the skin from ageing free radicals, it boosts Vitamin C absorption for a plump, juicy, glowing complexion.

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Spring Water

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Found deep within the Great Western Tiers, Tasmanian Spring Water is fortified with over 15 essential minerals, strengthening the skin as it delivers deep hydration. Each drop delivers strong, healthy, hydrated skin straight from the source.

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From the bush to your bathroom.

Blue Australia
Kakadu Plum Kakadu Plum
Emu Apple Emu Apple
Riberry Ribery
Pepperberry Pepperberry
Organic Mangosteen Mangosteen
Pink Clay Clay
Finger Lime Fingerlime
Old Man's Weed Oldmansweed
Witch Hazel Witch Hazel
Tasmanian Fermented Sea Kelp Seaweed
Tasmanian Spring Water Droplet
W3 Blue W3 Blue W3 Blue

We are proud to be…

p-item-1 Cruelty-free PETA Approved.
p-item-2 Born in Australia Powered by Australian botanicals.
p-item-3 Clean formulas Free of nasties.
p-item-4 Recyclable Material We reduce waste wherever we can.
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