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Everything you need to know about Tasmanian Spring Water

Everything you need to know about Tasmanian Spring Water

They say water is the foundation of life, and A-Beauty’s newest all-star ingredient, Tasmanian Spring Water, is definitely breathing new life into dry, depleted, dehydrated complexions! Found in a pristine lake in an untouched national park, this pure, natural ingredient has powerful skin-boosting properties – delivering a skin-plumping, barrier-fortifying hydration hit, right from the very first drop.  

Providing both instant hydration and lasting relief from dryness, Tasmanian Spring Water has thirsty skin covered. But it also does so much more. To discover everything you need to know about this strengthening and hydrating hero – including how to incorporate it into your skincare regime – read on.

sand and sky products underwater

 This magical ingredient is found in our Splash SerumHydration Boost Cream

Where Does Tasmanian Spring Water Come From?

Not from the land Down Under? No worries, we’ll give you a (super) quick geography lesson. Tasmania – or as we Aussies like to call it, Tassie – is an island off the south coast of Australia, known for its stunning rugged landscape and diverse wildlife. Since the island’s precious environment is heavily monitored and regulated, its spring water happens to be among the healthiest and purest in the world. And it’s not just for drinking.

map of australia

Used topically, Tasmanian Spring Water helps to strengthen the skin, thanks to the presence of a number of naturally occurring essential minerals. Boosting the skin’s barrier function, the wondrous water helps to replenish lost moisture AND maintain hydration levels. What’s not to love?

What Are The Ingredients In Tasmanian Spring Water?

Tasmanian Spring Water contains nothing but pure H20. However, it’s not just regular water – it contains a unique, well-balanced blend of essential minerals that work together to fortify the skin barrier.calcium and magnesium icons

Two of the most beneficial minerals in Tassie water are calcium and magnesium. Essential for your overall health, calcium helps preserve the natural glow and hydration of the skin, and also works to regulate the production of sebum. Meanwhile, magnesium helps to preserve the skin’s natural elasticity for a smooth, youthful appearance. Go team!

What Are The Benefits Of Tasmanian Spring Water?

 The main benefits of Tasmanian Spring Water are:

1) incredible hydration, which promotes a plump, smooth, radiant complexion,


2) fortification of the skin barrier. This second part is super important as a strong and healthy skin barrier is essential for locking moisture in, and keeping pesky irritants out.

Sand & Sky's Tasmanian Spring Water Products

Tasmanian Spring Water is the hero of Sand & Sky’s ‘Hydration’ range, featuring the cult Splash Serum and Hydration Boost Cream. Both products are designed to drench the skin with a hit of moisture while also quenching it for smooth, youthful plumpness and long-lasting comfort. To double down on hydration, they’re also bursting with moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, as well as powerful aquatic and probiotic ingredients hand-picked for their anti-ageing, dryness-defeating benefits.

Splash Serum

Water-based, our ultra-hydrating serum contains a dual-hyaluronic acid complex which helps to lock in moisture for continuous hydration and comfort. Alongside the fortifying benefits of spring water, probiotic Bifida Ferment helps strengthen the skin barrier for reduced irritation and inflammation.

Meanwhile another Tassie superstar lends a helping (or should we say kelping?) hand. Supercharging repair and inhibiting key wrinkle-causing enzymes, Fermented Sea Kelp helps to smooth the skin and reduce unwanted signs of ageing.

tasmanian spring water splash serum product

A hyaluronic hero that locks in moisture

Hydration Boost Cream

Enhancing the barrier-boosting benefits of Tasmanian Spring Water, the Red Algae Extract in our hydrating gel-cream forms a protective ‘second skin’ to trap moisture and defeat dryness. As hyaluronic powerfully plumps and revives skin, Fermented Sea Kelp helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, youthful complexion.

tasmanian spring water product

Formulated with Fermented Sea Kelp to help revive your youth

How Do You Use Tasmanian Spring Water Skincare?

 Both our Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum and Hydration Boost Cream are incredibly easy to use. You can use either product individually, however best results will be achieved by layering them.

For strong, plump, supple skin, apply 4 drops of the Splash Serum to freshly cleansed (ideally slightly damp) skin both morning and night.

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Massage into the skin in circular motions, then follow immediately with the Hydration Boost Cream to lock in moisture without weighing skin down. Massage in a pea-sized amount of moisturiser, always following with an SPF product when using in the AM.

Both products are suitable for combination to dry skin as well as dehydrated complexions. The  barrier-boosting properties are also ideal for increasing resilience in sensitive skin types. 

 girl applying sand and sky product to face

Its light and non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling silky smooth



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