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Six Amazing Benefits of Pink Clay Masks

Six Amazing Benefits of Pink Clay Masks


If you want to wave goodbye to dull, dry or congested skin, it’s time to say G’day to pink clay. Ultra-gentle but seriously effective, this blend of mineral-rich red and white clays has earned cult beauty status – popping up in pretty pink face masks on our Insta feeds and gathering glowing reviews. Here's the lowdown on what the hype is all about.


But what exactly is it about this ingredient that has us, well, tickled pink? From a brighter complexion in 10 minutes to fewer pimples and tighter pores, we’ve rounded up 6 amazing pink clay mask benefits Read on. 

1. Bright, glowing skin

If pollution, partying and piled-on makeup has left your skin dull, dry or dehydrated, don’t stress. Packed with detoxifying and brightening ingredients, a good pink clay mask (like our OG Porefining Face Mask) can perk up even the most lacklustre complexion and give it back its radiant natural glow – fast.  


As well as drawing out the bad stuff (which we’ll get to in a mo), pink clay gently sloughs away dull dead skin, while nourishing it from within. Mineral-rich, pink clay masks feed the skin with silica, which is known to boost cell renewal and collagen production for fresh, youthful, brighter-than-bright skin.

2. A detoxified complexion

Cigarette smoke, smog, exhaust fumes… Unless we’re lucky enough to live on a pristine mountain top, most of us face a barrage of air pollution every day. And, unfortunately, this shows up on our faces in the form of breakouts, pigmentation, dullness and – in the longer run – sagging skin and wrinkles. 


So, isn’t it lucky then that our hero pink clay is here once again to save the day. Containing purifying minerals kaolinite and calcite, pink clay acts like a powerful magnet to combat pollution and promote a healthy, happy, detoxified complexion. 


3. Refined pores & reduced oiliness

Drawing out dirt, impurities and excess oils from deep within the skin, pink clay helps to prevent blemish-causing blockages and give the appearance of itty-bitty pores. A must for any oily or combination complexion, a pink clay mask is instantly mattifying – mopping up surface oil and eliminating unwanted shine. 



4. Fewer breakouts

If you’re bothered by breakouts, pink clay is your new BFF. By deeply detoxifying the skin and balancing sebum, pink clays masks help to purify the pores and prevent future breakouts from occurring. With anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, pink clay can also help soothe the skin and resolve existing blemishes sooner. What’s not to love about that? 


Well, absolutely nothing at all, but our advice – if you’re prone to pimples – is to avoid using a pink clay mask the day before a big event. This is because they’re so powerful they can draw out a pesky pustule overnight. Known as skin purging, this is actually a very good thing as it essentially shortens the lifespan of a pimple and speeds up the healing process. However, if you do get spots, we recommend masking up a good 2-3 days or more before a special occasion to avoid any unwanted guests. 




5. Smoother, less congested skin

Bumpy, congested, uneven skin probably isn’t high on your wish list. However, it can easily occur if you skip the exfoliation or are less than religious about removing those last traces of makeup.


No matter – we’re here to help, not judge. Deep cleansing and purifying, pink clay masks will help make up for your bad habits. Giving the skin an ultra-deep, extra-thorough clean, they help prevent congestion, eradicate bumps and promote a smooth, soft, even complexion. 


6. Suits all skin types

Not all clay masks are created equal, and some can be drying or even irritating. Not so pink clay. Another reason pink clay masks are so beloved is that they play so very nicely with so many skin types – including dry, sensitive, oily and spot-prone.


Super-gentle pink clay packs a serious skin-brightening and detoxifying punch, but it does so without stripping the skin of natural oils. A winner for already-parched complexions, as well as normal-to-oily skins, it’s also suitable for sensitive skins. However, we always recommend patch testing first.


Say hello to detoxed skin and itty-bitty pores with Australian Pink Clay. 💓

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