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Skin Diary 101: How to Track Your Skin’s Progress

Skin Diary 101: How to Track Your Skin’s Progress


Have you ever woken and wondered what the heck has happened to your complexion overnight? Or why your usually so-so skin is suddenly aglow? Well, start jotting things down and wonder no more – because a skin diary is the hottest accessory of 2022. 

Whether digital or on paper, a skin diary helps you track your evolving skin situation and its different triggers. From changes in weather to diet, alcohol consumption and, of course, new skincare, it helps you better understand the things that impact your skin. So you can do more of what's beneficial – while avoiding your acne exacerbators, hydration-sappers, or redness-inducing red flags for more radiant, healthy-looking skin. 

Ready to start journaling? Let’s get started!

What to include in a Skin Diary

Since a skin cycle takes an average of 28 days, you’ll want to track your skin for at least this long to get a true understanding of any trends. Or, better yet, document your journey for a full 3 months. We recommend looking at your skin first thing in the morning – but do whatever works for you. 

Here are some questions you can use as a jump-off point for your diary. But feel free to add extra info or omit anything irrelevant.


Skin symptoms and skincare used

  • How does your skin look this morning/evening? Note any blemishes or concerns. 
  • What does it feel like? (Tight, itchy, rough, dry, oily – use your fingers as well as eyeballs to assess) 
  • What did you use in your PM skincare routine the night before?
  • What did you use in your skincare routine this morning/ today?
  • Has your skin changed throughout the day? 
  • Have you used any new skincare or makeup products (maybe even shampoo)?

Take pictures to help you observe differences in your skin.

Lifestyle and environmental factors

  • What’s the weather like (cold, windy, dry, humid)?
  • What did you eat today/ yesterday? (Don’t forget about that 3pm sugar binge!)
  • Did you drink last night? How’s your water consumption? 
  • How many cups of coffee did you get through?
  • Did you smoke? 
  • Are you stressed? Premenstrual? Pregnant? Sick? 
  • Did you spend much time in the sun?

How to take amazing skin selfies

While it’s great to take written notes, a picture says a thousand words. So try taking pictures of your skin daily, or at least every 2 or 3 days – especially when you notice a marked difference in your complexion, whether it’s good or bad. 

As seasoned selfie-takers, here are our tips for the best skin progress shots. You’re welcome 😊.

Find natural lighting

Steer clear of harsh fluorescent lights! Stick with soft, natural lighting – morning light works best. Pro tip: To track your skin progress, try to take pics around the same time to keep lighting consistent. We recommend getting snap happy after your AM routine, when your skin’s fresh and you’re rested.


Natural lighting is the most flattering and highlights your natural glow

Perfect your angle

Capture your skin from the same angles, so you can do side-by-side comparisons to easily spot changes in texture, skin tone etc.

Keep it natural

Overdone poses make it hard to track your progress! So let’s keep the focus on your skin. Stick to a relaxed, natural expression – maybe with a lil smile when you’re feeling it 😃.

Share your progress!

Had amazing results with Sand & Sky? Sharing is caring. There’s nothing that excites us like a customer’s journey to smooth, glowing skin – and we’d love to share yours on our Real Results page. Happy skin journaling, beauties!


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Written & edited by: Pip Jarvis and Celeste

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