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Glow Up Your Skincare Routine: 5 Reasons to Try our Tinted Glow Primer SPF30

Glow Up Your Skincare Routine: 5 Reasons to Try our Tinted Glow Primer SPF30


At Sand & Sky, we’re all about keeping skincare simple but super-effective. So we’re over the moon to release our first Aussie-made moisturiser with SPF! Revealing our new Tinted Glow Primer SPF30! Acting as an instant glow-giving beauty filter while delivering deep hydration and UV and skin barrier protection, our multi-tasking moisturiser will pare back your morning routine so you can get on with the important stuff – like grabbing that oat milk latte. 


Why use SPF? 

But why is a daily SPF so important, anyway? Read on to discover five compelling reasons to lather it on. Plus, all the incredible benefits you'll enjoy with our new botanical-enriched sunscreen!


#1 It protects against skin cancer

Aside from avoiding the sun altogether, applying a high-SPF sunscreen is the best way to avoid sun damage and the very real dangers of skin cancer. 


#2 It prevents premature ageing
If the health risks don’t convince you, this might. Sun exposure is responsible for 80% of the visible signs of ageing. UVA is particularly ageing, so make sure you choose a broad-spectrum product that shields against UVA as well as B. 


#3 You’ll enjoy a brighter, more even skin tone
Another unwanted side effect of unprotected sun exposure is a dull and discoloured complexion. Hyperpigmentation is tricky to treat, but thankfully it can be kept at bay with daily SPF protection.


#4 Because sunburn sucks
Let’s face it – red, peeling skin is not much fun. And it’s one of the most instant side effects of UVB exposure. #justsayin'


#5 You’ll reduce inflammation
Getting too much sun can also cause painful inflammation and irritation to skin conditions like acne, psoriasis or eczema. Our advice? Keep things calm with sunscreen – it really is the most important product in your arsenal!

Introducing our NEW Tinted Glow Primer SPF30

Now you know the importance of daily sun protection, let’s turn the spotlight on our 4-in-1 sunscreen formula. Here are all the key actions and ingredients that will simplify your morning routine – and transform your skin. 



Protects with SPF30 and red seaweed

The filters in our moisturiser deliver broad-spectrum, SPF30 protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Meanwhile, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, red seaweed produces amino acid derivatives that are ultra-efficient at blocking ageing UVA rays. Acting as a second skin (and all-natural SPF), this protective ingredient reduces transepidermal water loss and shields skin against environmental pollution – increasing skin barrier protection by 43% and repelling 78% of microparticles.

A potent source of Vitamins A and E, apricot oil also protects skin against UV damage while stimulating collagen production to help smooth wrinkles and fine lines. 


Hydrates and firms with hyaluronic acid

Skin feeling tight or thirsty? We’ve got you covered. 43% more hydrating than a single hyaluronic acid, three forms of the moisture-binding molecule combine in our SPF 30 moisturiser to deliver 24-hour hydration and unlock firm, supple skin. Using HA of different molecular weights, our hydrating glow complex targets multiple skin layers for comprehensive moisturisation – and plump, smooth, radiant skin.


The universally flattering tint delivers an instant glow-up

Lightweight and easily absorbed, our moisturiser has a universal rosy tint that leaves all skin tones with a fresh and healthy-looking glow. The refreshing formula helps to even out your complexion – with or without foundation. 


Preps your skin for makeup with nourishing botanicals

Our Tinted Glow Primer is your cosmetic kit’s MVP – prepping your skin for makeup while protecting against UV damage, daily pollution and premature ageing. With aloe vera to moisturise and soothe, hyaluronic acid to plump and red seaweed to support the skin barrier and reduce water loss, it turns tired, dull skin into a smooth, radiant canvas. Ready for a flawless makeup application that stays fresh and fixed all day. 

But then again, with a complexion this dreamy, you won’t even need it. 


Clinically proven results

More effective than a moisturiser alone, our hybrid formula helps to instantly boost hydration and restore your glow. It also helps to: 

* Increase skin firmness* 

* Prevent TEWL* 

* Reduce skin roughness* 

* Reduce moisture loss*** 

* Improve skin barrier protection*** 

* Remove microparticles (red seaweed) 


*based on in-vitro testing of PrimalHyal 50

**based on ex-vivo testing of PrimalHyal 3000

***based on in-vivo testing of Red Seaweed

How to use our Tinted Glow Primer SPF 30

Our SPF30 moisturiser can be used both indoors or outdoors. (Yes, you should still use sunscreen indoors to avoid the sneaky UV rays that pass through glass windows!) Use it as the last step of your skincare routine in the morning – before makeup. Apply to your face, neck and decolletage as part of your daily routine – at least 20 minutes before sun exposure if heading outdoors. You can apply it over your usual moisturiser or skip the moisturiser and apply after your serum or on fresh, clean skin.


*IMPORTANT: If you’ll be outside, exercising or at the beach, always layer our SPF30 moisturiser with a dedicated broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapply sunscreen as directed. 


The bottom line

Whether you’re concerned about dryness, premature ageing, a dull complexion or flaky makeup, this moisturiser is the multi-tasking product of your dreams. With SPF30, it protects against sun damage and supports the skin barrier for radiant, youthful-looking skin – today and tomorrow.


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